NATURAL PRODUCTS EXPO – Baking gets clean – Food allergen free and special diet offerings are helping to round out what was once a very stale traditional category. In addition, consumers are looking for clean, “glyphosate-free” and even plant-based baking products. Dyes, chemicals, sugar are out no matter the confetti fun factor. “We are playing in a category dominated by legacy brands that practically give away product and there is nothing more toxic than a legacy baking line. One just got recalled for a pathogen,” says Greg Fleishman of Foodstirs. Baking is also following the theme of parents and families wanting to make their own in a time pressed world—easy-to-make cooking mixes can help fill that desire. Beyond mixes, the company has come out with the first bake-your-own granola bar, an easy way for parents to upgrade the lunchbox snack.